Release date: March 17th 2020


The uncertainty around artist being able to travel even late summer or early fall has brought the DISTANCIO to the point where we have decided to deploy the project with artists remaining in their own home towns. With close engagement from the communities in Mullsjö, Gnosjö, Tranås and Värnamo the artists are in the process of adapting their artworks to a format shared via but also utilizing video sessions to collect material. The curatorial core remains the same but will be reworked to fit the reemerging state of DISTANCIO. As the artists are ready their adaptions will be presented on each artist page and in Swedish on the town specific page.

Release date: March 17th 2020


Region Jönköpingslän decided to postpone DISTANCIO.. It's important to stress that the project is not canceled but it will not take place prior to September. A reassessment will take place late May 2020 where we review possibilities of proceeding. 

Release date: March 13th 2020


What one sees in vast parts of large and small communities is people hence occupation reach out and address people they barley know. To ask if the can help doing grocery shopping, walk the pet or talk for a bit. From the arts community initiatives are appearing one after another to support artists and cultural workers whom lost their income due to present state. KLYS has addressed the matter with the government but at this point noting is put in place. Some people are lobbying for medborgarlön (citizen salary). Museum institutions are pushing their online tours, stage centered art such as opera and philharmonic orchestras are offering free online events as well. The artists Mark Rautenbach, Melissa Vandenberg, Rui Mourão. Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar de Carmen and I are in conversations on how to think and act around DISTANCIO or if we should all focus on our own practices.

Releasedate: March 9th 2020


In the first quarter of 2020 the world got concerned about Covid-19 as an extension of this  it became more frequent  to use the term ”social distancing”. From a curatorial view point it does have some immediate consequences,  the art project will in two ways face new challenges, as the DISTANCIO artists works directly with communities. They engage with the population of the towns,  what consequences and challenges will the artists and the communities meet on an interpersonal, operative and artistic level? Already with in the curatorial platform they are connected to "social distancing" embedded in society as part of identity and cultural and sociopolitical tendencies.

We are in contact with some initiatives focusing on the artist in relation to C-19, artists and curators are among those who will suffer in economic terms  if  initiatives gets postponed or canceled, as often we are not employed and as a consequence no sick leave or payment if projects are postponed or cancelled. 

The funding entity of DISTANCIO, Region Jönköping, is closely monitoring the situation. The status as of March 9th; DISTANCIO is not planned to be canceled nor postponed. DISTANCIO follows the regulations and recommendations by Region Jönköping and again currently we have no restrictions of carrying out the project. If anything changes this will be posted on as soon as we receive the information.  /AV


Public Health Agency Sweden, info on C 19 >>>
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DISTANCIO ARTISTS: Mark Rautenbach, Melissa Vandenberg, Rui Mourão. Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar de Carmen

LOCATION: Tranås, Värnamo, Gnosjö, Mullsjö, Sweden

TIME PERIOD: April-June 2020