In Värnamo: November 22 -  Dec 1, 2019 (arrival and departure date to be set, might differ a day or two)
Artist Talk: November 28th, 2019, at 6 pm,  Gummifabriken, Värnamo
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ArtTalks Series

”I spent much of my adult life looking for good bread, the bread my grandmother baked for my mom. Not out of some health-conscious or grand moral desire, but simply for taste... a taste of cultural identity. My mother spoke a great deal about the homemade limpa she grew up with. The project in Värnamo will address the personal journey, and almost mythologic relation to various breads. I wish to collaborate with Värnamo residents, and the Småland landscape, to form socially oriented and performative artworks with bread as a primary focus. These interactions will not be heavily scripted, but will be multi-faceted with several tiers of collaborative development."

- Melissa Vandenberg

Credit: Photograph by Erica Chambers Photography
Born and educated in Detroit, Melissa is a multidisciplinary artist living in Eastern Kentucky. Her practice explores national identity, folk art, ancestry, immigration, and the perception of an “homeland”. She gravitates to everyday materials like matches, fabric, stickers, wood, and domicile objects. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, Germany, Luxembourg, Iceland, Sweden, Poland, and throughout the United States. Melissa received a BFA from Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, and a MFA from Southern Illinois University. She has been the recipient of various grants including a Kentucky Foundation for Women Grant, the Al Smith Fellowship, Great Meadows Foundation Grant, and was shortlisted for the Luxembourg Art Prize in 2016. Melissa is an Associate Professor of Art at Eastern Kentucky University.

Melissa is represented by Maus Contemporary in Birmingham, Alabama.

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" Jag ser fram emot att äntligen starta upp Distancio i Värnamo. Melissa Vandenberg verkar vara en spännande konstnär med bredd i sitt skapande. Det ska bli så kul att se hur det utvecklar sig, social konst är ett intressant sätt att skapa konst på. Jag hoppas att det kommer många Värnamobor som vill vara med i ett unikt konstprojekt som inrymmer såväl vår stads berättelser som estetiska värden."

- Cecilia Gustavsson, Kulturpedagog, Värnamo


With support from: Region Jönköpings län with Mullsjö, Gnosjö, Tranås and Värnamo municipalities.     Curator: Anna Viola Hallberg   Contact: curator @